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6 Quick Tips for Keeping Kids Safe and Happy at Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre

Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre are an amazing opportunity for moms to work out with their little ones in tow. Some kids love the stroller. Others…not so much. Here are some things you can do to keep your little one safe and happy during your FIT4MOM class.

Stroller Safety First

We love our members like family. Mamas, you and your littles are the heart and soul of FIT4MOM. That’s why keeping everyone safe is at the top of the list.

Tip #1: Keep your kids seated and buckled

“Can I get out now?” you child asks.

Three seconds later: “How about now?”

Or maybe it sounds more like Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Moms, we get it. Some kids just do not want to be in the stroller. They want to be out, exploring the world and playing with you. But the safest place for your child during class is in the stroller. That’s why all FIT4MOM instructors require kids to be seated and buckled during class.

Fortunately, our instructors are amazing at keeping the kids engaged. That’s all part of what FIT4MOM does. And if you do need to step aside to take care of your little one, that’s no problem at all. You can always rejoin class when you’re ready to roll.

Tip #2: Keep your baby cool during summer workouts

If you’re new to North Texas, welcome. You should be experiencing your first 107-degree day within the next week or so. Whether you’re a transplant or a long-time resident, you know that heat is coming.

For days when the “feels like” temperature will be 90 or higher at class time, we move class indoors. But what about those 89-degree days? Here are a few tips:

· Try gel pads. It’s good to live in the future, where we have chillable gel pads for kids to sit on.

· Frozen washcloths are great for keeping kids cool. Especially for teething babies.

· Stroller fans can mount on the stroller and keep the air circulating. Some have the blades enclosed in a wire cage while others have soft blades that won’t hurt curious fingers.

· Mister bottles are something both you and your little one can enjoy.

· Don’t forget your child’s water, juice, or milk!

By the way, during the summer, you can look forward to water-themed classes to help keep everyone cool! Here’s more info on keeping yourself and your little one cool during hot workouts.

Here’s to keeping kids happy in the stroller

So…what’s the trick to keeping a kiddo happy in the stroller? It comes down to being prepared.

Tip #3: Keep them involved

Babies and kids are always interested in what mom’s doing. Fortunately, we are experts at making fun a priority. Every Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre class includes child participation.

We sing to our kids while we work out. And even better, we bust some mom-style moves.

We play games. Kids are encouraged to chime in. Sometimes they choose which exercise we do next!

We read. What better time for a story than when mom is doing push-ups?

Tickles and giggles are an important part of every FIT4MOM workout. High fives, too.

Tip #4: Keep the toys and snacks coming

Sometimes all a kid needs is a sippy cup and a snack cup. Most moms pack their kids’ favorites, bringing snack time to the workout.

Toys are great, too. Here are a few tried-and-true options:

· Toy cars to drive on the stroller tray

· Bubbles! (Sometimes our instructors bring these out during workouts. It’s fun for the kids and the moms.)

· Sticker books (The reusable ones work great!)

· Baby noisemakers

· Board books

Sometimes our moms and kiddos will swap toys to keep things interesting. (You know kids always want each other’s toys.) It’s always a good idea to bring a few favorites, but don’t worry if you forget—our instructors usually have a bag of playtime goodies to share.

Tip #5: Keep that stroller moving

This tip is especially for moms of infants. When your baby needs to move, you can always make it a part of your workout. Ask your instructor for a moving exercise that lets you push the stroller around. You get your workout in and baby gets that soothing motion.

But what if nothing works?

Everyone involved in your FIT4MOM class—the instructors and the participants—is a mom like you. We get it. We’ve been there. Which brings us to...

Tip #6: Don’t sweat it

Don’t worry if your baby screams his emergency scream every time someone looks at him.

Don’t stress if your daughter is repeatedly singing the first four letters of the ABCs at the top of her lungs.

Don’t panic if your twins are playing tug-of-war with their teddy bear.

We are your village. We understand, and we’ve got your back.

Coming to class? In case you didn’t know, your first one is free. Check out our schedule and let us know when to expect you. We can't wait to see you.