Our Village Playgroup Organizers


Our Village Assistant Organizer

Hi! I’m Jen. My husband and I moved from New York State to Texas in 2010. Sarah was born in May 2012, and Samantha was born in September 2013. I joined Fit4Mom shortly after Sarah was born. I was used to being a very busy elementary school teacher, so finding a group of active, down-to-earth, fun-loving moms was just what I needed. Fit4Mom and Our Village have helped me be a better mom to my girls.


Our Village Hospitality Coordinator

I'm Brittany, and I'm mom to Rylie and Braden. I joined Our Village in November 2015.

It's hard to choose a favorite playgroup activity because there are so many! I like Mom's Night Out because I can have conversations with other moms without chasing the kids around. But I also love crafty projects (momma or kid ones) and fun things after class so nap time takes place afterwards :) Jumperoo is great!

I love spending time with other moms and having our kids become friends as they play together. Our Village helps us all be more connected with other moms and keep our kiddos active! It truly takes a village!

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Our Village Assistant Organizer

I'm Erin, mom to boy/girl twins Ryland and Brisbane. I joined Our Village Organizers in March 2016.

What I enjoy most about Our Village is learning new places to take the kids and new activities to do with them. My favorite playgroups are those at members' homes. I want to help moms get a sense of community when they join Our Village. I believe that socializing at OV outings is healthy and fun for mom and kids!


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