The Top Eleven Things That Go Through Your Mind During a Stroller Strides Class (and What Everyone Else Is Thinking, Too)

11. Is my kid the only one crying? Oh, no. He’s making everyone else cry.

I know it feels like your kid screams the loudest. But believe me, that’s only because he’s yours. He’s probably not the only one crying, and even if he is, we’re all moms. We can share toys, make faces, or just tune it out. Whatever works. We’ve all been there.

10. I hope we don’t have to do burpees/push-ups/mountain climbers/cartwheels.

There can be all kinds of reasons you don’t want to do a particular exercise. If you’re nervous about doing it wrong, our instructors are here to help. If you have an injury or don’t feel strong enough, there’s an alternative that’s just right for you. And working out makes you stronger, so that burpee or push-up or mountain climber that seems out of reach today may be your favorite exercise next month. No cartwheels. Promise.

9. I don’t think I can do this.

Yes, you can. Whether you’re not sure about working out, worrying about mom stuff, or have lofty goals, we’ve got your back. We are your village.

8. I’m doing it! I AM IRONMOM!

Told ya.

7. Ow. But the good kind of ow.

There’s good pain and bad pain. Our instructors help you experience more of the good and less of the bad.

6. Don’t eat the stickers. Don’t eat the stickers. Aaaaaaand she ate the stickers.

They all do. Don’t worry; the stickers will come out one way or another.

5. Oh, good! The instructor has bubbles! My baby loves bubbles! I love bubbles! Bubbles for everyone!

We love bubbles, too.

4. I forgot my mat. Again.

Want to share mine? We can swap diaper horror stories while we do sit-ups.

3. Why isn’t my baby asleep? Her baby’s asleep. I must be doing it wrong.

Guess what? Her baby only sleeps in the stroller, and she’s wondering what she’s doing wrong, too.

2. Mommy friends! Just what I’ve always wanted! When is Mom’s Night Out?

We’re so glad you’re here. And Mom’s Night Out is just around the corner.

1. The kids are watching me. Maybe they’re learning something. Oh, wait. They’re just laughing at me.

They are learning. And laughing. We aim to please.

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