Mom of the Month: Stephanie K.

Our Mom of the Month program honors one of our Moms for her dedication to FIT4MOM. This month we honor Stephanie K., Zane's Mom!!

Stephanie started coming to Fit4Baby in May 2015 and to Stroller Strides in September 2015 with Zane. We love having them in class! Stephanie is extemely determined and confident in everything she does. She has a goal and does not let very much stand in her way. I have loved watching her stay active during her pregnancy and in Stroller Strides, and then find more energy and determination to continue with Body Back. She has an awesome attitude in class and always, always gives her best at every workout. We absolutely love that about her!!

Thank you for believing in Fit4mom Stephanie! We believe in YOU!

Here are a few questions we asked her to get to know her better. Please meet Stephanie Kurikka.

Members of your Family - My husband Randy, myself, our son Zane (9 months).

Hometown - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Previous/Current Career - Nanny to three boys plus my son.

When did you start Stroller Strides? I started Stroller Strides at the end of October 2015

What do you enjoy most about Stroller Strides? I enjoy gaining my stength and endurance back while spending time with my son and other moms.

What is your favorite exercise? I have a love-hate relationship with burpees. :)

What are your fitness goals? My fitness goals are to gain core strength and to run a half marathon again.

What has been your proudest mommy moment so far? My proudest mom moment was when Zane crawled to me.

What are your 3 favorite things? Three of my favorite things are camping with family and friends, running, and listening to live music.

We are SO PROUD of you, Stephanie! We honor your dedication, hard work, and love of FIT4MOM. You have already accomplished so much. We are excited to see all that you will achieve! We are so thankful to have you and Zane in our Fit4Mom Family. ❤️

p: 682-651-7895