Mom of the Month: Robyn F.



Our Mom of the Month program honors one of our Moms for her dedication to FIT4MOM. This month we honor Robyn Fourment, Madeline's mama!

Robyn started Stroller Strides in April 2016 and also attends Stroller Barre. She consistently comes to class and always gives her best. Madeline loves watching her mama exercise!!

Robyn is super sweet, has a fun sense of humor and is welcoming of new moms to the group. She has a contagious smile that lights up the room and brings a fun attitude to class. We love that about her!!

Thank you for believing in Fit4Mom, Robyn! We believe in YOU!!!

Here are a few questions we asked her to get to know her better. Please meet Robyn Fourment.

Members of your Family - Chris, Madeline and I

Hometown - Grapevine

Previous/Current Career - Teacher

When did you start Stroller Strides? I started Stroller Strides in April while on my maternity leave, and I returned after finishing the school year in May.

What do you enjoy most about Stroller Strides? I love the ability to work out with Madeline while being able to meet and talk with other moms. I told my husband this was my kind of "moms group." This has been a great way to become a part of a supportive group!

What is your favorite exercise? I have been a runner and have loved the core and strength training this program has provided. My favorite move we do is jump squats.

What are your fitness goals? My fitness goal is to be able to do my workouts along with trying to figure out a routine with a 7 month old. As well as strengthening my core after having a baby.

What is your favorite playgroup activity? My favorite playgroup activity thus far was Kindermusik with Kat. Madeline loved it, and I loved getting to talk with other moms.

What has been your proudest mommy moment so far? My proudest mommy moment has been everything and I am thankful I have been blessed to be a mommy for sweet Madeline.

What are your 3 favorite things? My three favorite things are: 1. I love sweets! 2. My husband 3. Country music

We are SO PROUD of you Robyn! We honor your dedication, hard work, and love of FIT4MOM. We are so thankful to have you and Madeline in our Fit4Mom Family. ❤️

p: 682-651-7895