Mid-Year Resolutions

I started off this year resolving to lose weight, finish my novel, get my house organized, and cook healthier meals for my family.

Absolutely none of that has happened. It’s June. We are halfway through the year, my friends.

What did happen?

Sometime in February, I decided to start working from home. And that was when the diaper hit the fan.

I gained weight.

I put the novel on the back burner to deal with more pressing issues.

The clutter increased all by itself, as clutter tends to do. Also, I “forgot” to fold the laundry. A lot.

I started buying more fast food while I tried to stay ahead of the crazy.

Some days I feel like I can barely stay afloat. And I have a sneaking suspicion that every mom feels this way, at least sometimes. Every one of us works hard, regardless of whether we get paid. We have that in common. So, for the sake of all of us moms, whether we’re working in an office, in a store, in a school, or at home, I’m declaring a do over.

That’s right. You get to make mid-year resolutions! I have two:

1) I’m going to take another look:

I’m overweight, but I’m strong.

I’m not a published novelist, but I’m following my dream by working as a writer and editor.

My house is cluttered, but it is a functioning house where my family lives and grows, and it serves our needs every day.

We may not eat the best, most nutritious food all the time, but we have enough to eat.

2) I’m going to keep trying. There are still six months left in the year. This glass is half full, people.

What’s your mid-year resolution?

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