Christelle Hochart

Starting to work out with Farrah at Fit4Baby was one of the best decision I have made to take good care of myself during my pregnancy.

Although I was very happy to be pregnant, I was also concerned by weight gain and loss of energy. I wanted to make sure that I would take good care of myself, keep healthy habits and get through the pregnancy in the best conditions.

I started to work out with Farrah when I was 5 months pregnant. I am so happy I found her, because it was hard to find activities for Pregnant Women in my area. I wish I had started before being 5 months pregnant, because it was such a great moment to work out every week with Farrah and the group. Not only I felt more energized after each session, but it was also so good to be with other Pregnant Women. Not to mention that Farrah is such a positive person, and a wonderful trainer! Her knowledge of Pregnant Women and as a coach were very comforting and reassuring and really helped me feel confident in my body throughout the pregnancy.

I met a great trainer (Farrah) and great friends!

I am now looking forward to start Stroller Stride with Farrah and Fit4Mom as soon as I can when I have my baby to keep the good work out and stay healthy and energized.

Working out with Farrah and Fit4Baby is awesome!

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