Candace S. ~ Mom to two sons

Farrah's passion for fitness and the total wellbeing of everyone in her class from the moms to the babies is infectious. She supports the whole woman making sure we take time for ourselves for fitness, spirituality, and with our husbands and significant others. She's wonderful with our children and my sons know her by name and miss her when she is at another class/location than ours. She has been a constant support for me on my own weight loss journey and she is always positive and uplifting, but she can push you when you need it too! Farrah's dedication to healthy motherhood is the major reason I have lost 14 lbs in the last year, and reoriented my life towards making myself a healthier and happier mommy. She taught me that I am worth special care and attention too, and that a healthy happy mom naturally produces healthy and happier children. She deserves this award for her unending support of women during the time we often need it the most, early motherhood.

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