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Christelle Hochart »

Starting to work out with Farrah at Fit4Baby was one of the best decision I have made to take good care of myself during my pregnancy.

Although I was very happy to be pregnant, I was also concerned by weight gain and loss of energy. I wanted to make sure that I would take good care of myself, keep healthy habits and get through the pregnancy in the best conditions.

I started to work out with Farrah when I was 5 months pregnant. I am so happy I found her, because it was hard to find activities for Pregnant Women in my area. I wish I had started before being 5 months pregnant, because it was such a great moment to work out every week with Farrah and the group. Not only I felt more energized after each session, but it was also so good to be with other Pregnant Women. Not to mention that Farrah is such a positive person, and a wonderful trainer! Her knowledge of Pregnant Women and as a coach were very comforting and reassuring and really helped me feel confident in my body throughout the pregnancy.

I met a great trainer (Farrah) and great friends!

I am now...


Cara O. ~ Mom to 3 boys Grayson, Cullen, and Liam »

Fit4Baby was the perfect workout program for me during my pregnancy. As a veteran of Stroller Strides and Body Back, I knew the quality of programs that Farrah offered and what a wonderful instructor she was. I had already seen from my previous pregnancies the benefit to working out while pregnant and how much staying in shape helped with my delivery and recovery.

I cannot recommend Fit4Baby enough for pregnant mothers looking for a workout program. For one hour once a week, you get a fantastic workout tailored to exactly where you are in your pregnancy,bonding time with other pregnant mothers and time to focus on yourself and your sweet baby.


Dana F. ~ Mom to one son Reid »

I have lost 36 lbs! I have 10 more to go to get to my pre pregnancy weight. I look forward to going to stroller strides Every time I go. I wish I could go more. I always get a challenging fun workout. I like that it is different every time and Reid has fun at the same time. All the other moms are very positive and motivating.


Jen H., Mom to two girls »

I was an avid exerciser before having my first baby in May 2012. Six weeks after she was born, I started doing Stroller Strides two times a week. I was really excited that there was a program I could do with my daughter right there with me. I found out that I was pregnant with my second baby in January 2013. I continued exercising with Stroller Strides until three days before I delivered. It was great to have a place to exercise at my own pace with women who supported me and understood what I was going through. My second daughter was born in September 2013. I had a very easy delivery and didn't need any pain medicine after giving birth. My recovery has been very quick because I was able to stay active during my pregnancy. Two weeks after delivery I am already looking forward to going back to exercising with Stroller Strides.


Candace S. ~ Mom to two sons »

Farrah's passion for fitness and the total wellbeing of everyone in her class from the moms to the babies is infectious. She supports the whole woman making sure we take time for ourselves for fitness, spirituality, and with our husbands and significant others. She's wonderful with our children and my sons know her by name and miss her when she is at another class/location than ours. She has been a constant support for me on my own weight loss journey and she is always positive and uplifting, but she can push you when you need it too! Farrah's dedication to healthy motherhood is the major reason I have lost 14 lbs in the last year, and reoriented my life towards making myself a healthier and happier mommy. She taught me that I am worth special care and attention too, and that a healthy happy mom naturally produces healthy and happier children. She deserves this award for her unending support of women during the time we often need it the most, early motherhood.


Kate O., Mom to one son »

If it weren't for BB and SS, my life after kid(s)s would not be as centered and healthy as it is now. I am very grateful to have found a group of ladies that have the same fitness and health goals to guide the way for me. I never thought I would be this healthy, this strong, and never thought I would have my body back! The workout, the support, the tracking, and the eating guide all worked together and it creates results! Achieving a body I thought I lost years ago + feeling healthy does wonders


Melissa O., Mom to one daughter »

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to get fit and at the same time meet and connect with other moms. Farrah is an amazing motivator and so encouraging. And I love that my baby get to experience all this with me. I am so glad I found Farrah and Stroller Strides!


Cheryl C., Mom to one son »

When I joined Stroller Strides in July 2010, I was looking for a way to get some exercise and not have to put my son in childcare to do so and meet other moms to share my "Mommy" journey with. I received all that and more!

The moms I have met are down to earth, genuine and many I am proud to call friends. Farrah, Our Instructor and Motivator, is simply - Awesome!! She has motivated and inspired me to push myself to reach my full potential.

The exercises are perfect for new (and older) moms. The most immediate results I experienced were more than physical;I felt like my "pre-mommy" self again, had more energy and was motivated each week to push myself even more. So much so, I enrolled in Body Back! Body Back enabled me to find that precious time for just me. The program pushes your limits, helps clear your mind, refocus and achieve your goals.

During the program I ran my first 5K - in 31 minutes!! Now I am working on my second 5K with a long term goal of a half marathon. I know I can count on my Stroller Strides Moms and My Awesome Instructor, Farrah, to help...


Erin O. - Mom to one son & one daughter »

Stroller Strides has been so awesome! Not only is it a great workout with a fabulous instructor, I've met some other moms who have become dear friends. Stroller Strides is more than just an exercise program it is a great support system. Farrah does such an amazing job of teaching class while making everyone feel welcome and part of a family.


Erin M. ~ Mom to one son and one daughter »

In Body Back I liked the consistency of knowing that i had committed to 2 days a week. I also liked our FB page where we could post to get ideas, support and recipes :) how can you go wrong with working out , seeing friends :) and know you are making positive healthy changes for yourself and your family!


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